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Pajama Gramma Podcast

Aug 31, 2019

Are You Up For It? I bet you...
Sexy Boss Influence Heather Ann Havenwood and I (Sharon Horne-Ellstrom, Pajama Gramma) an unlikely duo...

Are teaming up to bring you an extraordinary challenge.

A 90 Day Challenge.

YouTube and LinkedIn LIVE...
or whatever platform you choose.


To make sure YOU become the Influencer...

Aug 31, 2019

What's SHE Up To Now Day 583? Stuff! Journey Journal. Documenting the journey from offline to online business every day. Pop in and see what SHE is up to. Learn from my mistakes so you don't make them too. #journeyjournal #lessonslearned #offlinetoonlinebusinesssuccess

Aug 31, 2019

Happy Every Day 243. Surprise Someone! SURPRISE: Sideways Saturday! Do One Thing Every Day That Makes You Happy! Join Pajama Gramma every day this year for a dose of happiness...not usually sideways! #pajamagramma #sidewayssaturday #happyeveryday

Aug 31, 2019

Six Of One And Half Dozen Of The Other... When Supersizing Your Business, It is Imperative To Differentiate! Hop in every day to get a different perspective: #supersizebusiness #sixofoneandhalfdozenoftheother #lessonslearned

Aug 30, 2019

What's SHE Up To Now Day 582...Do You Believe That The Sky's The Limit? Journey Journal. Documenting the transition from offline to online business every day: #journeyjournal #lessonslearned #skyisthelimit