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Pajama Gramma Podcast

May 10, 2019

Day 6/90 Influencer Live Video Challenge (Power Of YT A-Z Technique)


Today I want to give you a specific strategy for picking your topics for your videos. 


We want to tap into the power of YouTube as a search engine and not just another video platform!


Building on your core topics...,here is a quick and very cool strategy to never be at a loss for great things to share with your audience.


Here's a quick Live Demo...


#yourtubelivevideo #90daychallenge #contenttheylove


Day 6/90 Influencer Live Video Challenge – My Video  

The Top 5 Rules For Female Entrepreneurs


As a female entrepreneur and woman business owner, you face challenges above and beyond those of your male counterparts...


We could argue that it is not fair...


we don't need to.


We got this!


Follow these simple rules and your will succeed!


Let's count them down...


Keep in mind...

your will create your own set of success rules, based

on your personal experiences.


Therein lies the real secret to success.


#femaleentrepreneur #womanbusinessowner #5rules